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SEO Ad Campaigns

on February 16, 2014

The latest trend for small businesses is hiring advertising agencies to oversee their entire social media presence.  Search engine optimization takes it one step further in tying together all of a business’s social media sites.  As well as, working towards making a business rank first in a Google search.  It’s no longer only about click through rates but being able to monitor the follow through for each unique user.  Did a potential customer get guided to your website because of a link on Facebook or Twitter?  Google analytic’s in combination with SEO can tell a business just that.  

Thinking of becoming an SEO expert?  This is how they form their campaigns…

1.  Research, research and more research.  The first thing is determining which keywords are most apropos for a business.  When forming a keyword database they keep the following in mind…

–  Keywords that already relate (using Google analytics)  

–  Brainstorm all encompassing keywords (as broad as possible) 

–  Think locally!  

2.  Use research to implement a keyword database 

3.  Monitor results and think of SEO as part trial and error.  Getting keywords when they aren’t receiving a lot of traffic to successfully pull up the business on the search engine.  

I think it’s important to know the basics of the process for anyone that wants to work in advertising because it seems that the wave of the future is incorporating social media into any campaign.  And even for local businesses they want their local customers following them on all platforms.  

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