Sales Here with Cynthia Harley

Communications student exploring sales and advertising

As suspected getting started isn’t easy…

 Breaking into advertising is challenging and highly competitive, which is why it’s of the utmost importance to know what department you’d like to work in and specifically which entry level positions you’d be comfortable taking.  Copywriting especially appeals to me because it falls under the Creative Department and potentially could lead to a position as Creative Director. 

Advertising Educational Foundation recommends retail and sales experience as resume builders.  A reassuring tip for me because I plan to work in sales before pursuing a job in advertising.  I think social skills and public speaking relate to honing writing skills because both are so interconnected with one’s confidence level.

Here’s a break of department and positions…

Account Management Department

–          Director of Account Services/Director of Client Services:  Manages entire department and in charge of budgeting. 

–          Account Director/Group Management Supervisor:  Manages client relationship on one or more accounts.  Establishes long term business relationships. 

–          Management Supervisor:  Represents senior management and ensures success of assigned accounts.   

–          Account Supervisor:  Provides recommendations on specific accounts and targets the clients marketing requests.   

–          Account Executive/ Senior Executive:  Coordinates at all levels of ad campaigns and maintains business relationships. 

–          Assistant Account Executive/ Junior Executive:  Keeps an eye on assignment deadlines and day to day operations of client’s campaigns. 

Account Planning Department

–          Executive Account Planning:  Oversees entire account planning department.

–          Director Account Planning:  Manages one or more accounts. Develops ad strategy, creative brief and considers consumer perspective. 

–          Account Planning Manager:  In charge of daily activities of accounts.  Sometimes trains staff.

–          Account Planning Supervisor:  Incorporates consumer understanding to accounts and works with all departments to check creative brief. 

–          Account Planner:  Manages research for strategy and creative aspects and relays consumer needs to clients. 

–          Assistant Account Planner:  Assists the account planner in helping relay consumer needs to the client. 

Creative Department

–          Chief Creative Director:  Complete oversee of creativity in the agency.  Sets how agency will be creatively perceived. 

–          Creative Director:  Maintains the standards for creative tone. 

–          Associate Creative Director:  Oversees creative effort on multiple accounts and works with the clients creative goals. 

–          Creative Supervisor:  Integrates the art, copy and production for one or more accounts. 

–          Copywriter: Brainstorms and writes copy for one or more accounts in various media.

–          Art Director:  Oversees visuals of ad campaigns and incorporates copy into the ad art. 

–          Illustrator:  Provides the illustrations for accounts, designs layouts and interprets copy. 

Media Department

–          Executive Media Director:  Manages media planning and relays information to other corporate leaders.

–          Executive Media Buying Director:  Manages the media buying and handles negotiations. 

–          Group Media Director:  Oversees a media plan direction and budgets/planning

–          Media Buying Director: Represents senior management and handles daily negotiations. 

–          Associate Media Director:  Handles services of media teams and how the media strategy is executed. 

–          Media Supervisor makes sure clients’ needs are met by managing media planners and providing strategy recommendations.     

–          Media Planner:  Develops and executes media plans and sometimes trains/supervises assistant media planners. 

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