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Ad Fallacy:

What happens when a company’s press release gets it absolutely all wrong?  And how smart do you think the media really is?  Well, the PR team over at really pulled one over on America’s leading news networks; the best part is it was all unintentional. 

It started out with issuing a press release describing how they were buying ad spots through Comcast Spotlight.  The advertisements promoted their medical marijuana service, in an entertaining fashion I might add.  In the ad a sketchy man is selling sushi, while the voice dub over says, “You wouldn’t buy your sushi from this guy, so why would you buy your marijuana from him?” 

NBC Nightly News and ABC News started airing stories about the first medical marijuana promotion ads being aired in New Jersey.  But the thing is Comcast Spotlight never agreed to air the proposed ads by  The ad itself began receiving a ton of publicity based on YouTube watches, likes and comments. 

What’s more, is in this case of classic miscommunication the Marijuanna Doctors Company was under the impression that the ads really were running, up until the point Comcast Spotlight issued a statement themselves, confirming the ad will never run on TV because it wasn’t approved. 

There is no better way to describe this whole scenario, other than a major miscommunication in the midst of the communication industry. It goes to show, that no matter how highly trained PR professionals and journalists are, the influence of social media can counteract the real facts.  It’s hard to not believe the ad is airing somewhere on television in America given the popularity of it on YouTube, combined with the fact that the ad deals with one of the hottest topics in politics right now, legalization of medical marijuana.  It’s almost as if reporters are all too eager to serve up to America what they would like to hear, one could speculate for the sake of ratings.   

Idealistically, one would hope this not the case.  Either way you can check out the UNAIRED advertisement for yourself below.

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