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Award Season Kick off: Oscar Ads

At first gander one may not think of the Academy Awards as being up there with the Super Bowl as far as televised special events, quite the contrary however for nationally recognized companies.  A 30 second ad spot for the 86th Academy Awards ran companies approximately $1.8 million.  Although the Grammys are still one of the top ranking award shows for ad revenue, the Oscar ad prices increased 10% just in the last year.

 Little did I know, just like or Super Bowl the Oscars nonalcoholic beverage sponsors.  This year some of the ad sponsor switch ups included Pepsi replacing Coca Cola and General Motors replacing Hyundai.  General Motors chose to focus on their luxury car line, Cadillac.   One sponsor for the awards that will not be changing anytime soon appears to be JC Penney’s; they were the Oscar’s sole retail sponsor for the 13th year running. 

Companies during the Oscar’s get to capitalize on having commercials with some of the biggest names in Hollywood.  Having star power behind a campaign is and appears that it will always remain as a top tiered technique.  Whether the celebrity figure is a spokesperson in the true sense of the title or simply making a cameo in an ad, it’s always eye catching for the celebrities fans and makes one think twice about the product being portrayed regardless of a viewer’s preconceived notion.  If their preconceived notion of the celebrity is favorable enough, it may even override their possible misconceptions about the product.    

Pepsi’s 60 second ad incorporated clips from some of Hollywood’s award winning movies like The Wizard of Oz, Scarface, Titanic, Good Will Hunting and When Harry Met Sally.  The inclusiveness of the commercials emphasizing a Hollywood theme during the Oscar makes producers of the event happy whilst allowing the audience to have a completely submersed experience, a win-win situation to say the least. 

Statistics courtesy of the Hollywood Reporter

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