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Targeting Millennials Continued

Advertisers are quickly learning new ways to promote to millennials. As electronic dance music and festivals gain in popularity, so begins the competition for brands vying for a part of the action.  At music festivals brands are able to create interactive promotional tables, everything from free giveaways to demonstrations.  The ultimate means of promotion is sponsoring a music festival such as Coachella, Bonaroo or Electric Zoo.  For about a million dollars a brand can buy the rights to name a concerts stage.

Over the past year revenue from festival advertising has increased 4.4% and collectively advertisers have spent $1.34 billion in festival promotions.  The key here is that festival goers are going   to be attracted to the festival regardless of whether Red Bull or Sony is sponsoring an event.  Advertisers have caught on to this and hence realized which festivals they can sponsor are limitless. 

With summer approaching, so is the season for advertisers to target festival attendees.  Coachella kicked off the festivals this past April and had sponsorships from Heineken, Red Bull, Samsung, H&M, JBL and Sephora.  On the venue side of things they will turn away sponsorships that aren’t customized to the audience, hence the appropriateness of the aforementioned brands.  Last year at Bonaroo, Garnier Fructis set up a hair washing stand furnished with all of their products. The best part of this type of promotions is that concert attendants don’t even realize they are being advertised towards; rather they are taking advantage of a free service.

On the cusp of innovative advertising is brands hosting their own concerts and with million dollar plus price tags for a simple stage ad, it’s no wonder that Budweiser came out with their Made in America Philadelphia concert series.  Alcohol companies are especially germane to concerts appealing to millennials.   What brands would you be excited to see at a festival? 

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