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These are a few of my favorite things…

I once learned that a funny ad is memorable but the product itself is not remembered. Regardless of the psychology behind this my favorite television ads remain to be the ones that are comical.
One such ad is for Windex, involving a such a spotlessly cleaned window that birds fly right through it and I believe in later series as did people. Well not fly but simply run into it.
My friends enjoy funny ads as well and ads that go for the cute affect. Such as Taco Bells former mascot the chihuahua proclaiming “Yo quiero Taco Bell”, which if you ask me should still remain as their adorable mascot.
Unfortunately, although some products geared towards teens and young adults still use humor in their advertising, I feel the more broad demographic of 18-49 year olds is moving away from humorous ads.
It remains to be seen why/I would need to look up further statistics to prove my point.
And the ads for this past Super Bowl and award season doesn’t have any stand out hilarious ads. Although humor is certainly determined person to person. While some get a kick out of others accidentally hurting themselves (think Americas Funniest Home Videos) I prefer more traditional humor that isn’t necessarily at the expense of others. Don’t get me wrong it can be funny sometimes.
I think humor in comparison advertising remains to be the most affective for me however. Like the Mac vs Windows product ads poking fun at Siri.
Which type of humorous ads are your favorites? Or do you believe them to be not as affective in promotions?

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