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What happened to the jingle?

As mentioned in a previous post detailing the declining popularity of television ads, I love TV jingles.  Part of me certainly wishes that jingles were more often incorporated in advertising campaigns.  After all, if the only people watching television ads anymore are the Baby Boomers, then I think product jingles need to make a comeback in a big way.  The thing is I’m being completely serious because I know from living with my grandparents the resonating impression a good jingle can leave on a generation. 

I’m certainly not a Baby Boomer but this Woman’s Day article ( The All-Time Catchiest Commercials made me recall some of my favorite jingles. 

The first being Meow Cat food’s “Meow, meow, meow…” jingle.  And for those of who remember the ad I’m referring to, you’ll also recall that there’s no much more the lyrics except meow.  Which if you ask me is the brilliance in it. 

The second jingle on the list that caught my eye is the Folgers coffee tune of, “The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup.”  I think part of the appeal of this jingle is the emotional tie that I have to the product because my granddad drinks Folgers instant coffee. Not so much a fan of instant coffee, definitely a fan of rhymes in jingles.  I think product like instant coffee warrants a level of cheesiness, there’s nothing wrong with playing into brand perception. 

My all time favorite commercial jingle didn’t make the Woman’s Day article’s list.  It’s the K9 Advantix flea line tune.  It’s one of those ads, where whether you like it or not when it comes on you catch yourself singing…

Hello Mother
Hello Father
Fleas, ticks, mosiquitos
really bother
thank for the package
thats why I’m writing
k-9 Advantix quickly stopped all the biting!

Swimming Hiking
And tent pitching
They’re not biting;
I’m not itching!
Can’t wait to show you
all my new tricks!
Thanks again for sending me K-9 Advantix!!!

Who knows considering my propensity for the jingle aspect of advertising maybe I’ll one day be writing catchy jingles or slogans.  I do have a knack for rhyming… 


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