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Advertising should Appeal to Emotions

According the latest study which analyzes the content of some of Billboards top songs, there are a handful of emotions that most appeal to people. These include, “loss, desire, aspiration, breakup, pain, inspiration, nostalgia, rebellion, jadedness, desperation, escapism and confusion.” Which means for advertisers that they should be appealing to these emotions more often in their campaigns.

It is to be noted however that many of these emotions are on the more down trodden side. Some ideas for the more light-hearted toned ad campaigns show the funny side to escapism and confusion.

I think what’s important to take away from this study, is not what emotion an ad appeals to but how strongly it is appealing to emotions. Appealing to emotions is especially critical for attracting new consumers to luxury products, a certain level of sentiment will be sure to garner their attention.

I personally prefer products campaigns that bring back a certain level of nostalgia, be it nostalgia for childhood or any time long forgotten (even if its before my own time). What kind of emotion would most likely sell a product to you?

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