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Electronic Mirror Ads

Electronic mirror ads put simply are digital screen ads that encompass a bathroom mirror in its entirety when not in use and encompass a portion of a bathroom mirror when in use.  Curiously much of the information on this topic is dated two years prior and hasn’t picked up.  

Quite obviously seen as an annoyance to most, these ads are a testament to the boundaries marketing is pushing in this modern age.  The most fascinating part is the average person sees thousands of advertisements daily, many of which are being processed at a subconscious level.  With mirror ad tracking, sensor record data on which ads, how many times and for how long are being viewed by the public.  

Back in 2011 Chicago O’Hare Airport, used Channel Outdoor and Mirrus for their electronic mirror campaign in airport bathrooms.  This was the first attempt at using this form of advertising the US.  The very first practice of electronic mirror ads showed up in Tel Aviv and then migrated to Barentin, France.  Given that this form of advertising is not common place in America, I’m lead to believe that its far more effective abroad.  

American company pioneers of electronic mirror advertising were Pepsi, Geico, Ily Coffee, Microsoft, Pledge Cleaning products, Spanx and Dove.  I wonder what their success rate for these types of campaigns were?  


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